Three days of nothing…

What have we done in the last three days? Nothing… Calm down over-achiever.

Sailed twice and nearly entered Santa Rosalia harbour under spinnaker, then we remember that we never been so we kept it for next time. Swim a few times to refresh, eat to survive. And watch….

For Laurent 3 seasons of Park and Recreation, and let me tell you, he is addicted! I keep hearing him laughing… All that interrupted by a few swims of course.

For Valerie catching up on movies and following diligently Emma’s lists, lots of reading, preparing letters for future internet, getting addicted to Podcasts…

And for Ben listening to podcast non-stop, reading a book; going for a swim, getting some cool air under the boat on his air mattress, or kayaking away.

We have thoroughly enjoyed stargazing in those last days to Benjamin’s great dismay… Discovering new bays always feels like opening a new Christmas gift, new surprises await us, beautiful sunset’s great rock formations and “boobies” flying by us.

Nothing more to report for today’s blog, just quiet “harmony”, that’s it sorry no photo of those extraordinary moments, we are so busy doing nothing.