The tranquil life of Loreto.

A small community founded around 1697, is what we are discovering, with one of the first mission built; time has passed by but the modern life and thankfully tourism hasn’t taken too much of a toll, it is authentic and genuine. We are fortunate as summer is settling in, the local gringos have disappeared; back to the other side of the border, like cockroaches at the first sight of light… It was interesting anchoring at first, as there is no particular bay to protect you from the winds, so Laurent experimented with our second anchor.

Our last two days have been mostly devoted to re-provisioning as we have our guest coming soon and we want to explore more quiet islands in the next week. Our credit card played a few tricks on us and was declined a couple of times which made for more challenge paying! Read: We had to walk under the heat of the day a little longer than what we had anticipated; then again it is part of our new “life” and adds a bit more spice to it… Today was our second round of re-provisioning: Laurent found his favourite “carnitas” accompanied with a delicious salsa, Ben got his own personal accessory for the toilet, and I finally splurged in the seeds/nuts boutique with Chia, Sesame, Coriander, and millet! Add to that 3 more fly swatters an essential tool these days… We are indulging in a life of luxury, I tell you.

Nexus Picture while resting in the shade waiting for skype call.

Chère mère des mangues à gogo pour toi.

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  1. guys x try this..been a fav of mine for a while! mix chia seeds in flavoured water (be it lime water..juice..whatever) and let it sit in the fridge for 15mins-30mins and then drink! fills you up and gives you good energy and is tasty..kind of like bubble tea! 🙂

  2. That just before you get to your 6th shift in a row, we presume. That just to let everybody know, that your daughter is working hard. See we tell everybody Emma

  3. Dawn Kelly says:

    Hey Valerie!!!
    Having my 1st Margarita of the summer…thinking of you!!! Love love D. xoxoxo <3

  4. Mum and Dad says:

    Nous constatons que vous êtes en pleine forme tous les trois.
    Merci pour les mangues, nous n.en avons pas mangé durant le voyage
    Bisous à bientot

  5. Ici juste a les ramasser dans la rue…

  6. Don’t spill it on your Silk dress, sorry that the other half silly me LOL

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