Thank you Erik!

This “little” weather system that came toward the Baja, is bringing us a welcomed cloud coverage and cooler temperatures along with a lovely breeze. Thank you Tropical storm Erik, this makes it comfortable for our guest and enabled us to go for a longer hike. This time around the walk was well defined and for once we didn’t free style it, we all had proper shoes attire, hats and sun protection! It was nonetheless not an easy walk in a park, but a rugged stoned cover path a dream for any geologist. We could see different volcanic rock types from black to dark brown to bright orange, giving a metallic sound under our feet. It was an incredible feel to walk only on stones.

As you can see below it was overcast, something we hadn’t seen in a long time; which might seem unbelievable to our Pacific Northwest friends. The colors came to life, mid-morning once the sun made an apparition. The panoramic picture below and other pics are compliment of the new Nikon camera.

As predicted the only vegetation is cactus around here,

With a surprising green plant here and there!

Mother Nature at its best.

Our Stone ground!

Even with such high temperature there is life, and this one is one of the rare species who can survive in this harsh environment.

Later on in the evening a potluck had been organized on the beach, and while the mature group was enjoying each other’s company; Ben and Emily decided that it was a good time for a photo shoot opportunity.

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  1. THOSE PHOTOSHOOT PHOTOS JUST MADE MY DAY! hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa oh man…those two….
    loving the panorama shots…super cool! xxx

  2. You are welcome but you know we don’t use anything like this. Too hipster for that,

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