San Sebastian hospitality

The wind has been perfect and left us alone in this little cove so far. We would not want to be pinned on the rock surrounding us, if you wish to come here anything over 12 knots would make the situation dicey, as you can’t have too much chain out.

The reef has been interesting for its rock formation and the hospitality wonderful. We got gifted a beautiful mahi-mahi by the local sport fishermen, invited for a margarita and given the key to accessing the internet. What else do we need in life?

In the meantime, Valerie is becoming very adept at photography under water; even rendering the force of the wave, on the reef that lie at the entrance of the bay. As a matter of fact, this was a more sportive snorkel than usual, the sea urchin were everywhere (there is a lot more in this area due to the over fishing of the parrot head who normally feed on them). This leaves us going in and out of canyon while the waves crashing above produce some major current. We got separated in the midst of our exploration and anxiety was flooding in both of our minds. That was why we needed a margarita *in moderation of course*. In other words it was another perfect day in paradise.

This process of photography tends to flatten the land, hence you need to imagine the land is 270 degrees around us.

Wave crashing at the surface…