Rock and Roll in Mulege

valerie icing upApparently something is bothering Valerie?

But first let’s talk about our day; San Domingo was not to be – bee? Indeed bees surrounded us early in the morning actually swarmed us when we finally capitulated and raised sail toward Mulege.

In Mulege the anchorage is a roadstead fairly similar to Loreto. And Boy! Did we get rocked all afternoon, waiting for the winds and sun to abate, ginger candies were welcomed. No fear our backgammon game got our full attention, we have some interesting books on hand and Benjamin watched a movie so we had enough occupation at hand to pass the time. Once the wind finally subsided, we launched a full frontal assault to the beach, the waves were still crashing but nothing we had not experienced. This resulted in a lovely 2 mile walk to town with some great conversation with Benjamin, a real delight. Sometimes, you take those privileges as a due, never again!

Walk town

Mulege  is truly a stop on Highway 1, which runs from Tijuana and Cabos San Lucas (about 1000km) all along the peninsula. A no frou-frou town the way we love them, authentic and genuine. What made it important a few centuries ago was the fresh water river running by. We treated ourselves to some giant burros, purchased some fresh fruits and vegetables and royally cabbed it back to the light house around 21.30.

Simplicity is a sign of maturity. It takes time to get simpler.-Helmut Jahn- From the Wisdom book –

Now, what could have happen from then on to result in the first picture?

Valerie bump

Well at least there is still a smile. What could it be? You stumbled down the stairs like when you were a child? Truly you must have fallen! No, not necessarily when you are married to Laurent anything can happen! Have you already forgotten our previous post about Laurent’s clumsy hands? In other words when you launch the dinghy in a pitch black night, and your husband tells you: “ok, we are good, you can jump in…” Be wary! It only took a second and Laurent’s fist landed on my forehead while he started the engine and I climbed in….

In other words we collided, or was it Laurent trying to prove a point? Mm guess, we’ll never know… Anyway, from then on, you can’t stop because the waves are rolling (fortunately not big) and you want to have enough depth to keep the motion. So a bit stunned I continued my escalade into the dinghy at that point filled with bags, and Benjamin lent me a hand while I recollected myself back home! Once in light, Benjamin said “oh! Mum you need to put something on that…” The good thing is, I didn’t unload the groceries and was pampered like a “princess”! There is always a silver lining, and it sure was nice to milk it…

What did you use to say Emma? Never a dull moment at the Devin’s house…