On Fishing and daily life

The winds were lighter than we like for sailing (6-9 knots) but from the right direction which called for a spinnaker run.

So far, Valerie hadn’t had the good luck of some fantastic run like on our way to Mazatlan, which made her still a bit apprehensive or doubtful! You see, when you try those things in your local area, to train and become a better sailor. You normally have fluky winds or so much mechanic turbulence from the coast that you have to play and adjust the kite constantly.I tried to be reassuring and we raised the spinnaker, in 2 minutes it was set and flew for 4 hours without any input bringing us to a reasonable 4-5 knots almost all the way. Smooth sailing.

It was so smooth, that we had a yummy tomato tart for lunch requiring some cooking and oven time, so relaxing; we even had time for Siesta the both of us. As we arrived to our turning point, the wind picked-up due to topography and reaching 18-20 knots. Land head acceleration factor, what about your spinnaker? Trust me in no time it was back into the socket and in the locker… At that point we had almost forgotten we had a trawling line behind… When all of sudden we heard the pulling noise of the snubber, it was extending and stretching like a mad man! A catch, there is something out there! To our astonished eyes, it was a colourful dorado… another one! Realistically why would you care about our daily catches, but truly there is reason why I bring it to your attention, and that is my new LURE, a hand-made one! Mmm… hand made? Indeed I made it out of my clumsy hand, a device that got a 10 people meal on the table.

Tomato tart

 Enough said, I know you are all dying to see and have a demonstration “a la Martha”! Three steps sorry four, which I have documented, will bring you the joy of this self-made catching machine. First and foremost drink the beer, better to do it the day before until you are proficient. Use precaution: You will be working with scissor, fine metal edge all over and a very sharp hook. I still remember what happened to me in CM1 (grade 4), in manual class and I was sober, then again I have clumsy hands…

After that just follow the pictures below.

1st baitPrepared Important fact: Choose the right color of can for the environment it may take time and some trial and error but that’s our excuse for a good beer and we are sticking with it. Guy don’t let the secret out.

2nd bait Look at those delicate and agile hands! Punch some hole in the upper skirt, not on the table! It is always a good idea to have some piece of wood under if you don’t want to be in trouble with your partner…

final baitA 25lbs mono wraps at our own good will through the hole, and once on the hook, trim it so that it is at ¾ down of the length. You are now ready with an authentic home-made lure. All you have to do at this point is: get the boat’s speed up to 5-6 knots and that bait will be flying on the top of the water. Note: if you are around 26 N 111W let me tell you, the cevices will be fantastic tonight! It’s a guarantee or brings the beer, I will show you how.