Happy 14th of July

Happy 14th of July or Bastille Day for north America First we need to apologize to the anchorage, for blasting the Marseillaise (French national anthem) so loud. With two teenagers sleeping we thought it would be a good way to wake them up and bring a sense of history to their day. That didn’t work on either count, but we tried.

On this Sunday, we did what we do best relax. We both finished a book, mine was very appropriate for the symbolic of the day and I would recommend the reading to anybody interested in the history of the United states with a different angle. A people’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn, an eye opener on the formation of this country over the last 300 years. For Valerie it was the third volume of “The girl with a Dragon tatoo” in French. For the rest we stayed cool, enjoyed swimming in 25 degrees water, and rested in the shade.


The sun is going down, we are going to shore to build a fire, and have our dinner on the beach we will remember this day in France history. Sorry we are missing the firework, but what can we say, we can’t be everywhere!

View from oher

 fire balandra