Happy Canada Day!

Because it was Sunday and Canada day Week-end, we respected the tradition of a day of rest, and made it to shore. You would think that by now we’ve had our fill of internet, but NO the tablets need to be updated now… The word on the street has been lately that “the resort is not cruiser friendly anymore” charging up to $65 for facility usage. Fear not, we have the master resort hopper onboard, Benjamin! Who had been exploring the day before, and found out that he was welcomed and enjoyed the pool.

So we lounged in luxury, swimming in unsalted water, read our tablets, dropped our garbage: hard reality of this nomadic life the garbage truck doesn’t come to pick it up for you… Thanks to Benjamin again we took a long shower in the Gym locker-room (good luck if you can locate that one without your teenager!). We had lunch at the outdoor restaurant and repaid the welcome and internet access, a true day of rest.

Debbie this one is for you! That was our view when we Skyped.

Cruiser *moi, Non!* I just arrived on my private jet, don’t you know, I own this place…

We went shopping for you Emily! We are ready for your arrival in 6 days, who’s counting?

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  1. Debbie Nathan says:

    It was so lovely to chat with you both, wow what a fantastic view, have I told you how envious I am. Sending big kiss and hug to you all.

  2. you guys…! doing laundry and catching up on internet…seems quite familiar with California…hmmmm!

  3. Poor you!! life is hard, working laundry well we will raise a tacos for you tonight.

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