Half year preventive maintenance, or boats and their up keep.

It is hard to extract yourself from the comfort of a resort with a pool, but… the call of duty is reminding us to take care of our house, and every month we lean on our preventive maintenance list. Evidently it has grown over the last six months, and we can foresee it will keep growing. In fact every time we fix something it makes us realize that if we want to keep it in good shape we need to do preventive maintenance, hence this little document we’ve created to remind us of what we might forget in the first place…

Since it was mid-year just a few days ago, we had the bi-annual task to add, and with no further due please find below the list of what we have learnt so far. No worries we will publish again when we add significant things…

The rest of the day was marked by a quick provision run, reading, backgammoning_yes it’s a new verb!_ And plain veggie-ing out, waiting for our bodies
to adapt slowly to the rising temperature of the desert!


To keep the boat going in tiptop shape:



  1. Every Week
  • Vinegar/muriatic acid treatment in toilet
  • Then Oil the next day
  • Brush/sponge the hulls
  • Tea tree oil all around inside the boat, it is best way to keep an eye on mildew
  • Have a look under the baskets etc…
  • Check engine if not used during previous 7 days



  1. Every 1st of the month
  • Activate all seacocks around the boat
  • Activate Saildrive seacock
  • Check the threads around the canvas and sails
  • Check the seals on hatches and apply silicone when necessary.
  • Check our hatch cover attachment
  • Oil the locks but not too much
  • We activate our emergency water pump (manual one) so it doesn’t seize with time
  • Activate Battery switch under Ben’s bed to avoid corrosion
  • Activate the radar on Raymarine to remove oxidation on brush
  • Check the stove switch if it needs a little oil
  • recharge all the batteries on equipment
  • Activate manual torch light
  • Activate the Dynamo on the portable AM/FM radio to not kill battery



  1. Every 6th Month: 1st January / 1st July
  • Perform test EPIRB
  • Shake the fire extinguisher so powder doesn’t settle.





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  1. Dean S/V Solastra says:

    A note on the fire extinguishers, we were told by a company that services them to … take a hammer and gently tap the bottom. Shaking them only allows the loose, unsolidified powder to move. Tapping with a hammer causes whatever has hardened to loosen, then shake! Remember, gently tap…we are pretty sure what may happen if you decided to give it a really good smack!!!

  2. Marilyn and Glen says:

    Great idea you guys! We are going to formulate a similar list for our boat once we are out on her regularly.

  3. We just got to add two thing today, every six months open and clean escape hatches and every month clean pre-filter on water pump. never stop to learn. Somebody mentioned that they knew people that went from Steel to Fiberglass Catamaran, we knew who they were talking about LOL

  4. Actually we tap with a screwdriver the bottom and you are absolutely right you need to smack them once in a while.

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