Hair cut in Paradise.

As a fair reporter, I must advise our reader that the day started early for Valerie, sunrise yoga. No comments from the peanut gallery please…

While Letitgo rested in clear water surrounded by dolphin and ray, we booked our private hairdresser; as a matter of fact the need for a haircut was growing more vital by the day. Valerie was insisting that we wait until Santa Rosalia, when we will be docked, but the peer pressure was too much and what my sergeant would say!

This is when being well equipped and trained on a cruising boat is essential. You are in a pinch, you need to be resourceful. And by that I mean while we were star gazing that night and making a wish in between shooting stars, the light bulb sparked! Why don’t we take the generator in the dinghy, two milk crates, the hairdresser kit, and we are in business, Valerie! The location was perfect for us, but not for walk in business, the shop closed early… Location, location they say in school how true.

Because it was Sunday and we couldn’t go to Dim Sum, one of our favourites, hint that’s one of the thing we are missing. We swam, walked along the beach and admired the sunset after eating a blackened Dorado with a nice couscous.

We witnessed two solar events, in one day, now it is time to go to sleep.