Emily’s Arrival and a cooking lesson!

We can testify again that Mexicans young and old can party hard! For proof, we had two quinceniera graduations in a row taking place on the dock around the marina. And the program was as follow: guests’ arrival 10pm, real start of the party 11pm followed by full blast “banda” music until 3am, and fortunately for our ears the music quality was good. This morning we had to get running to the local market before the sun came up too high, while Benjamin cleaned his hull… He had a bit of excessive energy or was it excitement? Truly, he has been anticipating for so long the arrival of his best friend Emily from High school and his dream finally materialized at 13.30 today; Emily arrived safely after 2 stop over from Vancouver.

Before our departure to the airport we had time to whip up a recipe: Valerie decided to cook some rather special cookies… Please note that those are not for our human guest, but for the crawling B%$#& who came uninvited on-board. We can tell you those bloody thing fly, as a matter of fact we have followed every measure we have been taught: we haven’t brought any cardboard or packages or shoes on board, we haven’t touched a dock in months, everything that comes in gets a thorough wipe of bleach before finding a spot in our cupboards. This boat is owned by two clean freaks brained wash for 30 years of food safe, with a strong penchant for Lock and Lock boxes. When I think that I used to tease Valerie with the amount of lock and lock we would buy before we left, and telling her that we bought the entire West coast stock! In any case, the first time we saw one we took a softer approach with a spray but this time around the war is declared! Our weapon of mass destruction? Well, 9 bombs have been dropped; we will let you know what happens next.

Mix all ingredients.

Bake in the sun.

Of course, the arrival of a guest means that we have things we order for them to “mule” down, thank you for all the treats you brought Emily and for kindly letting us use your address for shipment. I have never owned anything remotely camouflages, but thanks to my daughter’s judgment; I will now be able to blend in with the hunters of the world! And then finally, we bowed under pressure and got the fish identification book to make our trip underwater even more educative.

One subject we never prepared for is what do you do with all this free time, and how do you prepare for it? Well for us, we are getting good at backgammon, before or after the siesta we have to have a set. Of course Benjamin shakes his head and raises his eyes every time we take it out! Well, my son in the Middle East it’s a young man sport… He is not convinced yet. The next photos are from our walk around in Loreto last night, from the end of the year concert of the Singing studio, we know Emma you would have killed for that costume! To some nice night shots (with my old camera)… We couldn’t resist taking another one to prove to Emily parents’ that indeed she is in Mexico with us and not in some frat house in Cancun!

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  1. Dean S/V Solastra says:

    Sorry, what was the 2nd ingredient in the bomb and how did you apply them? It looks like “SUCK”, I’m sure that is not an ingredient! lol… Glad to see Benjamin has a school friend visiting, still miss his input. Hope you purchased some fine dark chocolate for the bees. talk soon!

  2. Sugar, condensed milk and Boric Acid (available in any good hardware store in mexico) And you make little cookies that you place in the bilge.

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