Dolphins! I see dolphins and the “Farkle” rules. What?

It seems that whenever we have a guest on-board, nature comes out for a big greeting display! (Either that or it is pure luck or the tourist board makes things happen on cue?) In any case, we were not out of Isla Coronados and mid-way to Isla Carmen, when a large amount of dolphins appeared and put a show like we hadn’t seen in a long time. Even jumping and flapping their tails on the water, on our arrival in the anchorage in Puerto de la Lancha we could see three dolphins playing in the shallow water. Unfortunately as we were ready to jump in they were gone, in other words no photos yet…

The turquoise color was too inviting, for us to resist. A detached rock at the entrance of the bay made for a great snorkeling experience, adding a few more species we haven’t seen before. Because those reefs are surrounded by deeper water the size of some species were larger than usual. We know what’s coming out tomorrow the hookah (our diving system) this will be the perfect time to train and explore.

Stone Scorpion fish, we can’t tell you what it taste like… Care to approach, no? RUN

We even have a new certified dinghy driver.

Two nice Australian cruisers taught us a new dice game yesterday. And in an effort to keep it alive in our memory, here is a summary of the simple rule:

  • 6 dices all players roll one dice the highest start then clockwise.
  • You then roll all six dices, the table below show score possibility, you select what dice you want to keep for score and roll the remaining.
  • Until you decide that the score suit you and stop, or you don’t score any point on a roll and loose all; which is Farkel!
  • You use all six dices as point one, you need to roll again all six this can go on forever. At first you need 500 point in one sequence to get on the board. The twist is that once on the board, when one player stops to keep the point, the next in turn can keep the score and roll the remaining dice to increase or lose all.

The first to reach 10000 points ends the game, but all remaining player behind still play a scoring turn. Simple enough, no? And this is why it’s entertaining. Maybe this should become a mandatory course at Vancouver Blue water Cruising Association, card/dice and other board game 101 to survive the High seas.

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  1. Dean S/V Solastra says:

    We played Farkle for the 1st time last week, in 3 games, I won the first 2, Lynn won the third!!! Our teachers called it quits after that!!! lol… It is a good boat game for sure!!!

  2. So you are ready to go , come on no time like present.

  3. Debbie Nathan says:

    Love this game but it wasn’t called farkle but sadly can’t remember what it was called it. Sending hugs to you all.

  4. You try and beat Rick: he got 6 of a kind in one roll once. Played this many times, You have to play it with a red and a green dice in the mix, that’s when it gets interesting… Only once you have 500 points, if you roll a red 6 in the bunch: your turn ends and you get a negative score (using the same point system). If you roll a green your turn ends and you double whatever your score is. Try it. 🙂

  5. Now you make it real fancy, that what university does to you LOL

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