Boat Detective or Cluedo?

Sometimes, letitgo manifests itself and gets this blog on boat matter; come on it’s not all fun and game. Even if our catamaran has been very good to us so far, on our last sail it gave us a clue that something was wrong. One little round piece of metal made its way on deck. At home, you would have picked up that screw or piece and put it in the drawer in a kitchen, you know the one with all those junk, that’s right the one you will organize and clean one day.

My first walk around nothing was detected and I resolved to look a little better on arrival. Of course our social agenda and life got on the way, but on a boat you learn quickly that “being lazy will come back to bite you in no time…”, this statement having be proven a couple of times, I decided to put my “pre-flight check” frame of mind on! The one where you question everything and check all items even if you just landed, fortunately in less than 2 minutes, the cupid was found: It is the goose neck fitting on port side, two of the pop rivets are gone… Luckily I have some and a gun (for the rivets I mean…) on the boat but they are the smaller type. Rae, I now know how you got to have such a big gun on Mustang Sally! Something we will have to deal with once we get to Santa Rosalia easy!!

While we are on the maintenance subject, the mixing elbow was again showing signs of pitting, this problem enables some salt water drip on the pump housing below= not good! This has happened before and we had already remedy to it on the 22/04/11, 2 years/460 hours; they are dead not a great track record, although it’s a well known fact of the 3YM30. The old one had been cleaned and welded; let’s hope they will last longer, fingers crossed. Here is one more item on the to do list for Santa Rosalia!….

Of course, we still went for a swim but when 100’s of small jelly fish came toward us, the reef visit was scrapped, and we gave the hulls a light scrub instead. It’s a good cardio exercise in our opinion. Still nothing is more important than taking time to enjoy the little pleasure of life. Enjoy!!!