You are getting used to the program by now, we move and secure Letitgo, we jump in the water, we discover new species of fish we haven’t seen before and judge the clarity quality of the water compare to the best we have seen so far. Our backs are starting to be really black and our ability to get deeper and stay longer under water better. Today was no exception, not far from home we found a nice little reef, perfect for our afternoon swim.

Life in the sea of Cortez so far is very relaxed, you don’t have the distraction of any city, no internet just nature to admire and enjoy the simple thing in life. Whilst living in Vancouver, we had the best view from our place and we can count on one hand the number of sunsets we had the privilege to watch due to our schedule, although admittedly we wouldn’t be here without all the crazy hours we put in before… It takes some effort and sacrifice, but at one point you need to pull the plug.

And for that reason we are taking the beauty of nature slowly in, and not missing any sunsets!

Talking about retiring, we’ve been confronted a few times lately by the “you are retired, and how old are you?” We finally found the answer that stops the discussion short. “We were in the restaurant business since 15 years old, and the drug trafficking helped too!” All that with a very serious face; people smile and move to the next subject, not knowing how serious we are, (for those wondering of course it is Laurent talking and his twisted sense of humour)! Actually right now looking at my knuckles, you would not want to know, how many people I had to rough up to get my money. Damn barnacles they don’t like to be expropriated, but I have learnt that a little hammer blow on the side, works wonder.

Our noisy neighbours…

This one is for you Emma,

Your Dad: The diver/hunter!