Three days of nothing…

What have we done in the last three days? Nothing… Calm down over-achiever. Sailed twice and nearly entered Santa Rosalia harbour under spinnaker, then we remember that we never been so we kept it for next time. Swim a few times to refresh, eat to survive. And watch…. For Laurent 3 seasons of Park and […]

Hair cut in Paradise.

As a fair reporter, I must advise our reader that the day started early for Valerie, sunrise yoga. No comments from the peanut gallery please… While Letitgo rested in clear water surrounded by dolphin and ray, we booked our private hairdresser; as a matter of fact the need for a haircut was growing more vital […]

Rock and Roll in Mulege

Apparently something is bothering Valerie? But first let’s talk about our day; San Domingo was not to be – bee? Indeed bees surrounded us early in the morning actually swarmed us when we finally capitulated and raised sail toward Mulege. In Mulege the anchorage is a roadstead fairly similar to Loreto. And Boy! Did we […]

On Fishing and daily life

The winds were lighter than we like for sailing (6-9 knots) but from the right direction which called for a spinnaker run. So far, Valerie hadn’t had the good luck of some fantastic run like on our way to Mazatlan, which made her still a bit apprehensive or doubtful! You see, when you try those […]

Boat Detective or Cluedo?

Sometimes, letitgo manifests itself and gets this blog on boat matter; come on it’s not all fun and game. Even if our catamaran has been very good to us so far, on our last sail it gave us a clue that something was wrong. One little round piece of metal made its way on deck. […]

San Sebastian hospitality

The wind has been perfect and left us alone in this little cove so far. We would not want to be pinned on the rock surrounding us, if you wish to come here anything over 12 knots would make the situation dicey, as you can’t have too much chain out. The reef has been interesting […]

Bahia St Nicolas

It has been a long time since we haven’t had the mountain far back in the distance, a white sandy beach with no movement around and some strong afternoon winds. This cries for gel-coat repair wouldn’t you say? 6 little dings got all the attention they needed. You may cry blaspheme for working on Sunday, […]

La Ramada

Everyone knows by now that our blog posts are written between the two of us, and what you are about to read is part of that team effort, needless to add: I will get my “revenge” on due time, no worries, and you don’t have to believe it all, there might be some slight exaggeration!… […]