Letitgo is moving north again

We had made our decision that Monday morning was the start of our third part of cruising Mexico. The pantry has been fully stocked, the fridge’s door is barely closing, and we are in fact ready for a few weeks away from civilization.

It was time to say good bye to La Paz, see you later to our friends with “bon voyage” wishes; Letitgo was on the move again. We escaped the bay under wind power, welcoming back Valerie to the sea. We had an easy and uneventful day even when the wind died on us and made us move at a snail’s pace. Once it died down completely, we decided to tuck in the first acceptable bay, Ensenada la Gallina on the Island of Esperitu Santo.

As the sun set we had some unexpected and unwanted visitors: an invasion of small fruit flies type and as we were enjoying the last ray of sun a herd of “no-see-ums” came to eat Valerie alive! The “No-see-ums” are tiny little bugs that give you an incredible itch and bite; yet they are so tiny, you don’t even see them coming! Let’s just say that the dance following it, was quite a sight… It looked more like someone who had been possessed by a beast from inside. No-one laughed, but it sure made for a few minutes of entertainment while doing the dishes!

Hair cut

At 10pm the wind started to come up like we were expecting, every new noise or move had us awoke. The anchor was well set and we didn’t move an inch, the “drag queen” app was chumming away every second to confirm it, with the Nexus plugged in the new receptacle. All night we were reminded of that saying: When you think or notice something act on it, or Karma will come and bite you.

Galinea Sunset

Now on a different subject; some of you may remember the discrepancy we’ve had between the inverter and the battery when we talked voltage. Well, the solution seems to have been found: indeed during one moment of clairvoyance, I remembered that I read on a forum one day, someone who had a similar issue with their battery switch corroding. I knew we had resistance (inducing the voltage drop) somewhere, even if a few weeks back I cleaned all connections, I could reach. We never use the latest and after a few rotations, we had lost the .3 or .4 difference. Needless to say this is a big weight off my mind, as we “baby” those batteries like nothing else on the boat. Since day one we pamper them in fear of “destroying” them too fast!