Agua Verde, the city

In need of some fresh greens we moved to the other side of the bay towards the city of Agua Verde. It has a school, a church, more than four houses and more importantly three small stores, so we tried our luck.

Letitgo resting


In no time we had our three diet staples back onboard, tomatoes avocadoes and mangoes, and a few more items also found our way in our cart. Having said that there is a special way to shop in the “tienda de la Baja” and here is how: when you first come in, all you see is the junk food in truth they’re easy to store and keep fresh forever, as for the rest you need to inquire one thing at a time, and then when pointed to you there is the horizontal non-operational fridge… Fresh fruits and vegetables can be found in the household fridge or under the kid’s toys. All in all it makes for a very personal shopping experience, sort of a treasure hunt!

On our way back, we stopped by the fishermen’s hang out; we chatted a little and bought a beautiful 8 kg Yellowtail for $10, fresh and just out of the water. Back on board, I was filleting, portioning and even befriended some free loading pelicans while Valerie was preparing a stock and a marinade. At night we enjoyed the yellowtail’s cheeks in a “Zakushi” style marinade, with some sashimi. For the rest it resulted in one fish soup and the stock will be used to make a flavourful risotto. Restaurateurs at heart we have our menu set; this would make a killing on the board for “specials of the day”, food cost negligible. Talking about food chain, those fish leave the small village to go to Constitution the closest big city. Then to San Diego and hit the American market via Tijuana, this is where you will enjoy them at your favorite sushi joint soon, and no doubt it will be after a few more middlemen.

fish direct
support crew 

The village has lots of goat running around, so two solutions: Either they love roasting them on a pit over charcoal for special occasion or they make goat cheese, our senses were awaken once more! In fact we were explained, that the little ones who are still fed with their mother’s milk make a great treat and taste delicious… And then we discovered that the goat cheese was available just next door, though they are pressed much more than in France you can still taste the true goat flavour. You will also have to ask Valerie, how she met one of the only non-drinking Mexican around!


The rest of those two days, were spent enjoying the water with few dives and visiting the different reefs, it was very refreshing and in general we enjoyed the week-end, as if it made a difference really!…

Church Verde