Agua Verde’s first kill

The sea is becoming more and more beautiful, the water clearer the fish more abundant along with the variety. It’s a good thing because our protein source is getting slim; you see we haven’t found a good recipe for bee pie, yet.

Yesterday, we moved to the first bay in Agua Verde. The water maker/washing machine were run on our way, those luxuries truly make cruising in modern age even more enjoyable. But before we tell you what we had to kill to survive, we need to give you some updates from the electricity front.
Where we right with the calculation we did two years ago? And the answer is -so far- yes. We have been producing more than we consume at anchorage as predicted, with 3 laptops, 2 tablets, music, booster pump for Water maker etc? of course we are in sunny México. Nonetheless we still note that at around 1pm with the inverter “on” and the batteries on float at 14.7Volt, we are only bringing 8-9 amps, when we know that we could see 25-28 amps if we needed more. This tells us that we have a margin of safety for those days, when we are not as fortunate. On passage, the chart-plotter and autopilot are running all day long and it puts us in deficit which we knew. On long passage (read ocean crossing), we have decided that the Raymarine may not come “on” as often, indeed if not absolutely necessary. For the voltage drop we had in our system, we are happy to report that some oxidation on the battery switch was the cupid.

This brings one more item on our preventive/maintenance list every 1st of the month. Back to the water, Valerie and I took the dinghy to a nearby reef, once there a 10-12 meter of visibility greeted us. The water was around 22 degrees (still chilly to our own standard might we add!); but we jumped in with no hesitation. Large boulders made for a dramatic backdrop, now it was time for the chase armed with the Hawaii sling. The groupers (a blue fish with beautiful blue eyes) made for an easy target, once I figured out their swimming habit.

underwater cactus

So, tonight it’s fish tacos night onboard, even if Valerie tried to scare away every fish in a 1 mile radius, a conspiracy! It looks like she wants to save all the fishes from the Hawaiian sling… But she was happy, it was not langouste again (seafood allergy)?. For dinner we had a delicious homemade salsa with tomato, avocado and mango with fresh homemade tortillas, all the colours of the superfoods! Care to join us for dinner?

Fish Tacos

Moon and rock

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  1. Dean & Lynn says:

    Although we have never heard of a recipe for Bee Pie, we do have one for squirrel stew! Let us know what you need! lol… Lynn has a great old cook book by Madame Benoit, many strange and wonderful things in there!

  2. Dean & Lynn says:

    Yes!!! What time is dinner!!!

  3. Dean S/V Solastra says:

    Ok, I forgot something about yesterdays post… Instead of Bee Pie, I have had…Chocolate covered bees, ants, grasshoppers and caterpillars! All very tasty if roasted well and covered in a layer of fine dark chocolate! Use a slow roasting process to make sure it does not take the hairs off the Bees bodies..makes for a better smile afterwards! I am serious about having them as candy!
    miss seeing you guys!

  4. What a shame we moved on and don’t have bee anymore, we will keep it in mind for the next time. Only problem is finding good chocolate around here.

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