Getting ready for the future…

Whether in La Paz or In Victoria, today was a major turning point toward the future.

We went shopping for a month worth of grocery, and provisioning on the essentials as we know that from here to Loreto access to supermarket will get scarce. For us it is a good training for longer passages and on how we manage our food! This is always a big deal for us cruisers who don’t have easy access to a car so when our friends Deb and John offered us a ride; we made the most of it, and we Thank you for that. You see with time and experience the weight of our purchase has become more and more noticeable, especially when you have to carry them for a kilometer or two! With that said we have learnt to pay attention at how much milk or juice cartons we buy!

And for Emma, something a lot more exciting happened; indeed she received notification from her university: and has been accepted in the program of her choice.

Have a look at Emma’s blog to discover the lovely home Julie and her have made for themselves: