Daily life, in La Paz.

The organic farmer’s market was on and we decided to leave early to check it out. There we found some nice cherry tomatoes with all the colours of red and flavourful strawberries; we also bumped into a trade friend from Vancouver. Once back onboard Letitgo, we returned to our prep-mode for the next chapter, today’s focus was keeping cool and truly for our next stage of nomadic life on water, this will become more than a necessity. One hour and forty minutes later, in a few yoga positions and the boat half upside down, we have yet again some practical changes in the Lagoon 380 configuration.

Here is what we have done: We picked up the fan we will never use from the library, and installed the old 12volt receptacle retrieved from the electrical panel, we had exchanged for a double USB output one. Now we can plug-in Valerie’s Nexus with the Drag Queen (it is an app to see if the boat is dragging) all night while recharging it.

The fan is then re-installed on my side of the bed so we will have no argument over the direction in the months to come.

Plain genius I tell you!

After going with Benjamin on shore to perform the final test for one class, it was time to relax and enjoy our friends’ visit onboard. Our old world collided with our new life for an evening, it felt good to have some fresh news from the front, and the good thing with living on water is that by 9.30pm everybody is tired and needs a ride back to the pier. Truly we have changed, during our restaurateur life, the night would have just started and it would be time to make plan for where to meet…

Emma let us introduce to you, your “substitute” for the summer “Pepeh”.

Benjamin is in heaven as you can imagine.

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  1. so stinkin’ cute xx

  2. And he doesn’t answer, clean the dishes/floor clean with out us asking, tell you perfect..

  3. The argument will now be: which side of the bed is Laurent’s and which side is Valerie’s

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