Los Candeleros and our addiction.

Only two words, free WIFI. Meaning the real thing, quick unlimited and continued. This results of the three of us, being like drug addicts with money and a dealer wiling to doll out, let’s just say we are hooked. So the entire day was spent, updating Navionic chart, computer software, touching up the blog, reading […]

Los Candeleros.

We are back in the “real world” and we are exciting again on the internet, compliments of the local resort. We have updated the blog with lots of picture on every post we created via Ham radio over the last two weeks. The anchor was not set yet, and Benjamin spotted a whale shark present […]

Isla Monserrate, paradise.

We waited until 10 am for the wind to pick up, and departed Agua Verde for a speedy sail. In no time we were at anchor on the North side of Isla Monserrate, Yellow stone beach which is part of the Loreto Nation Marine Park. In front of our eyes opens up beautiful white sand […]

Agua Verde, the city

In need of some fresh greens we moved to the other side of the bay towards the city of Agua Verde. It has a school, a church, more than four houses and more importantly three small stores, so we tried our luck. In no time we had our three diet staples back onboard, tomatoes avocadoes […]

Agua Verde’s first kill

The sea is becoming more and more beautiful, the water clearer the fish more abundant along with the variety. It’s a good thing because our protein source is getting slim; you see we haven’t found a good recipe for bee pie, yet. Yesterday, we moved to the first bay in Agua Verde. The water maker/washing […]

Los Gatos

Nature’s wakeup call came early this morning, the wind picked up and with it the rolling from side to side (well as much as a catamaran does anyway! *sorry we can’t resist teasing our monohull friends*) with that we decided it was time for an early departure. We sailed for the most part, enjoying the […]


Staring at a vista for pretty much an entire day is still a novelty for the Letitgo crew, indeed in the past we never had enough time to watch the sunset and the sumptuous colours that usually accompany it in the years pass. These days we are just melting in front of all this dramatic […]