Puerto Vallarta one last time

We love the bus system so much in Banderas Bay that we had to go one more time to Puerto Vallarta, and show Julie the sight. Also, to keep the tradition alive, a little adjustment for Valerie on her new set of teeth. Emma did pack her bag yesterday, trying to fit as much as possible. No Emma you will have to buy a new mattress, those are staying on Letitgo. She must have learnt frugality from somebody around here. Now let see how many layers, she will be wearing to board that plane! A wet suit looks awkward, but again who are we to judge? Just kidding.

We drag our three charming youngsters up the hill into the old part of the city. The flat boardwalk and tourist shops are not the only part of town kids! We needed to work out that ice cream cone, and let’s say that Julie and Emma were not the queen of physical education in high school.

Nothing screams beauty like a sunset in the bus after a Wal-Mart run! One thing you can’t see from the picture is all the 16bags at our feet… We all decided that it would be a good idea to stop at our favourite tacos stand and enjoy some tacos and quesadillas, before getting back in the dinghy!

Birria tacos, and aqua fresca.