One last “hooray”!

What do you do on the last day of our daughter on-board? Teach her how to buy white powder by the gram of course!! What on earth are you talking about??? To sum it up it is actually illegal in the rest of North America. Fortunately we didn’t have to go far, just a ten minute bus ride and the supplier was ready at the ferreteria. The exchange was quick and the quality excellent, we were smiling on our way back. Now we will be able to get those bad thoughts out of our head quickly. What on earth are you talking about? This doesn’t seem very politically correct, does it?

See, we were not joking, but it maybe not be the kind you were imagining.

This is Boric Acid,

Unfortunately in Chacala one grass hopper and a flying cucaracha (cockroach) landed on the boat… We got the first one out of the way but the second one escaped, only to be found yesterday in the bathroom over Valerie’s head screaming! Needless to say, it didn’t live very long after that. So now you can imagine the restless night, filled with horror movie scenario of bugs crawling all over. We got the soft approach bottle and the more radical one the Acid; let’s hope it was only one trouble maker.

The second task was to teach Emma how to sew, either that or Valerie waited until the last moment to repair the head of the main sail which chafed! This one required an enormous amount of force to pierce through the heavy cloth and a piece of leather.

And finally, it would have been unimaginable and truly out of question to not have one last meal at our favourite Tacos stand! What a coincidence Emma exclaimed!! For my last night they even had fish done Baja style, my favourite!.. Sure Emma, the owner also knew it was our last day, amazing!!!