On route toward Mazatlan

No visitor last night, so we had an uninterrupted night anchored 2 miles out in 20 feet of water. A strange feeling at first but you get used to it! The risks are limited knowing that no wind was forecasted. With 55 Nm run today we decided to raise anchor early, the wind was present but not as yesterday still we flew the spinnaker for a few hours.

Before arriving at the famous Club Nautico in the old harbor in Mazatlan, we cleaned the deck. Out-board engine went under to avoid any temptations, from the well-oiled theft ring that had been present for 15 years. Let’s cross our fingers that nothing will happen and wish us luck girls!

At the moment the excitement is in Victoria apparently!

Indeed Emma and Julie have been accepted and their dream has come true, the apartment is theirs on May 30th! Today was definitely a turning point, we can feel the enthusiasm and excitement of our girls. Plans are being made for a trip to Ikea, rent a truck, one last party to say goodbye to their friends in Vancouver…

Enjoy the pictures of their future home sweet home!

Hallway, entrance
Kitchen (backsplash will be repaired)
Emma’s room
Julie’s room
Victoria 016 (800x394)
One last cafe at Habit




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  1. What in the world will she do with all that open space!

  2. And imagine running water, toilet that flush easily and plug that provide electricity all the time. A crazy concept…

  3. Dean S/V Solastra says:

    It would appear to be very colorful! A hint of Mexico perhaps? Very nice indeed. Good luck Emma!

  4. Yes very hipster, apparently on the ceiling of the kitchen a big peace sign is painted. pPerfect to start in life.

  5. Glad to see the quality of the photos is not slipping….bad-ass fish getting chomped…weird anchoring 2 miles away…cool cool (guess a fisheye shot would come in handy…hmmmm) xxx

  6. So happy to see that you have found a present for my birthday and future Christmas, I know it’s so hard to get something for a father…

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