Les voyages forment la jeunesse…

Is one of the old expressions we have heard a few times in our younger life, a beautiful saying filled with meanings: “Les voyages forment la jeunesse”. It translates vaguely to “travels educate and shape youth”. With that said, a few years ago before visiting China our adorable children each wanted a new bike, needless to add that as we were making our way back home they realized how amazing and great their bikes were! Things were back in perspective, and the travels made them realize how fortunate they were. The circumstances we are living at the moment were a perfect example to illustrate it! Indeed,  I am happy to report that Benjamin understood another one of those moments, and this is compliments of the very select Club Nautico…

You see, our poor thing couldn’t believe how I was expecting him to shower in such conditions, it was pure torture for his tender soul… As a matter of fact onboard letitgo we rarely use public showers. First off, we can count on one hand our stays at the dock in marinas, and when it is the case, water is supplied directly in our system giving us endless warm and cleaning time. But here the water at anchor is rather gross and I would not dream of exposing my precious water-maker to such a shock!

Here is how it went:

  • “This is where we are showering this week.”
  • “Well you go first then dad!”
  • “No problem I have seen worse.” “Now your turn!”
  • “Really! No come on it’s a joke, where is the stand for my clothes? How do I operate such a shower, have you seen the state of it?”
  • “Yes Benjamin!”

And I am happy to report, Benjamin did enjoy a good wash, amazingly he didn’t linger for 30 minutes under the faucet!

I think that we can be sure we will read about it on his blog at some point, and it will be part of the resentment excuses for years to come…. Another therapy?

Foods 10 has proven idyllic, for a first trial I would say that it was near perfection, we baked on the BBQ, it was an amazing idea, delightful… What can we say Valerie, you passed the knowledge without knowing it.

(*** Nice try to Laurent this one is store bought!!!!***)

Full moon left us with a beautiful décor for our dinner, did I say travels shape youth?

And just to remind you Valerie feel free to send us an e-mail when you have time!? So what happen in Vancouver today?

Is it mandatory for me to add that this is our ongoing inside joke! Indeed Laurent and Benjamin receive emails everyday…. And we skype every day as well!

In Vancouver the temperatures are still fairly low in the sixteen degrees, and I wear sweaters and pants with socks… Where are the mexican temperatures? I have received lots of parcels and fear that my luggages are going to be heavy!! No, it is not a complaint…

I have  been very fortunate to be back in touch with some of our employees at the Bistrot and it certainly feels really nice to watch them evolve in their new careers and lives. All I can say is our birds are flying now… I wish you all the very very Best.

Amanda looking gorgeous
Amanda looking gorgeous


My sweet Michelle
My sweet Michelle