Fiesta is continuing.

4 days in Paradise and we extracted ourselves, to find a blistering 25 knots wind that pushed us toward La Cruz in no time! But why La Cruz, you may wonder? You have been there multiple times. Well, you see, the party hasn’t run its course yet, and we love the atmosphere of the Plaza, there is our favorite Tacos stand in other words it is a pure moment of magic.

Tonight was a nice introduction for our guest Julie, the crowd was finer, only two horses, the dress less provocative. It was a more cultural night performed by two municipal organizations and not a major Banda where you grind your partner on the dance floor, which was not as conducive to connect for the youth. But still for us it was a real treat to see a full swing band playing with the classic hits of the mambo and cha-cha, they had a pretty extensive repertoire… It was followed by the folkloric dance group of the Banderas Bay; needless to say, we were blown away by the quality of the costume and the dancing. The folkloric dance class was created 13 years ago in order to revive the tradition, and they now represent the state of Nayarit in international competition and trade show. By doing so they recreate the atmosphere of the plaza we sit on tonight, just 30 years ago at the most.

Before we left, the family sitting next to us asked if we were coming tomorrow. Well, of course it’s the best day of the year in La Cruz!

Back on board it was past midnight and Julie was wondering why we slept from 5 to 7 pm! Now you know… We need our siesta.