An expensive day!

Today was the day to pay the final bill, it was one expense we had prepared for and we were happy to pay the last portion of it. We can report that Valerie is all smiles, it was the last part of dental work, and it’s now over. All we can say is that we can recommend the work of Dc Guillermina Estrada Gonzales at “Just Smiles” in Puerto Vallarta. The professional care, modern facilities were apparent in every step of the process. Now let’s bite the bullet or the big apple, maybe not literally but more years of that beautiful smile is priceless.

As always we had to be practical, and a trip to Puerto Vallarta means a stop for groceries! And Wal-mart was our place of choice this time; truly it has everything in one place which makes it easy for the cruisers. What “things” you may wonder? A U-bolt, a machete, a new pair of flip flop and some bathing suits! Once ready, it was time to make our way back to La Cruz and meet our darling son who was “studying” at YaYa’s! The girls (Julie and Emma) had gone for a daytrip to Sayulita.

This is when the smile turned into a frown, as Valerie discovered her life line to the outside world damage cracked and unusable! She had dreamt forever to have one; there were some infos in it for the next trip to Victoria, and music along with books and magazines… Needless to say that the rest of the day was rather tensed and Benjamin was in trouble since he had decided to switch the “too heavy laptop” for the tablet in the bag…

Not having any party to attend, we ate rather early and all went quiet early.

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  1. iPhone screens can be replaced, tho I don’t know if that is possible in Mexico…

    s/v Eolian

  2. Thanks Bob but this was Valerie beloved Nexus 7, apparently cost $179 for a devices that cost $225.

  3. Still… a replacement screen means no loss of stored data. It might be the best option.


  4. Now we can see the man of experiences LOL

  5. jp and Liane says:

    I have duck tape I can give Valerie when she visits next weekend… may restrict the image somewhat….
    looking forward to seeing you guys; too bad the “men” won’t be around.
    bonne fete des Meres Valerie.
    JP et Liane

  6. I nearly forget about duck tape been so far from Canada LOL Thanks for the best wishes, looking forward to see you.

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