All quiet on Letitgo.

For the next few weeks, the two contributors to this blog will be separated by a few thousand kilometers. We will try to keep you abreast of the action on both fronts. The program is as follow, Benjamin has to take his provincial test in the next few days, and then our task is to bring the boat up to La Paz in one piece with both of us on-board. On the ladies side, Emma has to find a place to live, move her belongings and enjoy life assisted by Valerie. A few purchases need to be collected and hopefully “Mummy” will be willing to take the plane back to Mexico. Let’s see how the plan unfolds.

This is our first half day alone, meaning with no supervision of a responsible adult over the boys, and on our front it was uneventful except for the fire in the galley. Benjamin took the online pre-exam with great success and prepared the bag for tomorrow’s marathon session. The sunset was present, with dramatic effect, our first tropical storm is developing to the south of us Alvin, albeit there is no risk from where we are. Tonight, we cooked a pot roast with root vegetable for dinner, following the British Columbia food curriculum. They have no idea how hot it is down here, and to have the oven going on for 3 hours, can be quite challenging! But the result was a great success, comfort food to reminding us of the lady who left us irresponsibly behind… We even flambé the sauce with tequila and captured it on film, check it out Valerie. Yes! we even cleaned behind us, your kitchen is still spotless.

Today in La Cruz, was a big day, Benjamin had two big exams. To top it all, not his favorite subjects math and science, we made our way to the local school and planted ourselves in the cafeteria. Here from 10am to 5 pm, non-stop with noise all around, a distraction that he doesn’t need! Though he was able to perform the magic of getting it down on time. The software kept having a script malfunctioning, making him having to close it every 3 minutes. The internet crashed once, the computer froze twice, let’s just say it was not an easy process for anybody. But the first hurdle is over and tomorrow English, which will be  a lot easier for him (if you ever read his blog you know what we are talking about?)

And in Vancouver?

It is the first time for the last 7 months that we are all separated, needless to say it was very strange… But in Vancouver it has been a mad race! Fortunately we have the warm welcome of Julie’s parents who are making us feel very comfortable.

For the girls it was time to reacquaint with their city, do a little shopping and visit a few friends. On the other hand for me, I had time to squeeze some visits with friends while getting my Nexus, charging it and setting it all up for the trip to Victoria, picking up our mail from Jim who so generously keeps it all organized. Meanwhile, Emma and Julie have kindly inherited from Pete and Karene of a beautiful set of tables, desks and toaster oven. Thank You again Pete and Karene, and we hope we will see you soon!

Not much time to breathe, but I feel grateful to re-visit Vancouver and to be able to see it in full bloom. As always Vancouver shines!