A lot of nothing…

School and attracting the boys was on the program today. Benjamin has officially started a new course for his curriculum in foods 10, and we are all enjoying the treats. So far we were treated with coconut curry pork on a bed of vegetable risotto dressed with a lavender and cucumber yogurt sauce without lifting a little finger. Well… almost, we still supervise Benjamin’s level of motivation for schooling; two days ago we organized the course together making sense of the different web-pages needed. On this one parents “homeschooling’ their kids, can read between the lines, we had to ensure a sense of urgency, as we are now in May and in a month we are leaving for the Sea of Cortez with less internet connection… Truly, with this new course, we have been rewarded by a flurry of wonderful dishes. Well done Benjamin!

To be fair on Benjamin though, it is not easy to keep your focus at 15.95 year old, when the water you live so close to is crystal clear and hovering at 30degrees. On the hand, the girlies have enjoyed the special attention they were getting from a nearby power boat. Indeed it was filled to the brim with young Mexican gentlemen in their 20s playing with toys and surfboards all day long… Now some of you may say, why mentioning their nationality! Why would you single out the Latin blooded gentry? You see the filtering process of politically correct hasn’t made its way in the macho culture yet. And the boys were literally circling on their dinghy really close while whistling when the girls were showering. The hollering was present late at night and swimming right to the boat just to admire the opposite sex in bikini screaming “I love Canada”! Unfortunately for both parties, apparently the parents put a break to the full enjoyment of the intercultural learning process. Why are we around?

No they are not drowning him, they are having a group hug, and laughing so hard they can hardly keep afloat…

How to draw attention, 101: Jump and scream in your bikini at the bow of Letitgo.

Most ladies still swim with their T-shirt on around here.


Chacala Playa and more sunset photos.