A birthday boy in action!

A video from all his friends back in Vancouver  from school, a card, plus Skype with Mummy and Sister, a non-censured trip to the grocery store (read nutella, ketchup, soda and all the junk food that implies…) and a hill to climb. What else can a 16 year old dream of? Evidently sharing it with only his father on a boat writing a mid-term exam in the old Harbor… say no more!

The winds are changing and we could have a small window to make it across by tomorrow. But first we have to celebrate: with bacon wrapped hot dog accompanied by cheese flavored chip and ketchup. We are talking prime teenager grub here. Lucky for me we still had some salad. We even found some candle and had a cake! A  royal treatment, which makes for a perfect celebration.

You know we have been up once to the light house, Benjamin did it again and this time with a camera and in a very respectful time of 10 minutes putting him in the sportive class. Not good enough, according to his standard expert… here you go.

Altitude change of 150 Meters, 334 steps plus 750 metre off track.

Letitgo in the back of the pack, Next to the big one just for you Nanny.

No, I was not present when he took that picture! And as you well know there is no barrier to protect…

Mazatlan in all its splendor.

The best Carne Asada we ever had, we are talking AMAZING. Just walk 15 minutes toward city center, just before the Oxxo and Guadalajara Farmacia. But closed on Tuesday, dam it!

In the next photo, you will see a teenager so happy, to be celebrating his 16th Birthday alone. Valerie do you remember this romantic tacos we had for our anniversary. Well I splurged and got the stand for ourselves tonight! Indeed, I rented the place for our son’s birthday. Not wanting to have him walk all the way back, I went all out with an air conditioned Limo ride. Our chauffeur took us back home in style. Was it the idea of an amazing evening for  our descendant? I don’t think so or may be he hid his excitement from me. A year ago, I think a private room at the Sangri-la would have made the cut, followed by a dancing party. But this year we are leaving at 5am the next day, so let’s go to bed early.

Alone in our limo, 10 pesos instead of 6.5. I killed the budget.