A birthday boy in action!

A video from all his friends back in Vancouver  from school, a card, plus Skype with Mummy and Sister, a non-censured trip to the grocery store (read nutella, ketchup, soda and all the junk food that implies…) and a hill to climb. What else can a 16 year old dream of? Evidently sharing it with only […]

Les voyages forment la jeunesse…

Is one of the old expressions we have heard a few times in our younger life, a beautiful saying filled with meanings: “Les voyages forment la jeunesse”. It translates vaguely to “travels educate and shape youth”. With that said, a few years ago before visiting China our adorable children each wanted a new bike, needless […]

Mazatlan Club Nautico

Here is an idea! You can’t decide on your boat type? A ketch or a sloop… Your budget is tight, no problem we have a deal for you! Be prepared though as it may require a little work, but it is nothing that should stop such a determined person. You just have to come out here and […]

On route toward Mazatlan

No visitor last night, so we had an uninterrupted night anchored 2 miles out in 20 feet of water. A strange feeling at first but you get used to it! The risks are limited knowing that no wind was forecasted. With 55 Nm run today we decided to raise anchor early, the wind was present […]

Back in the consumerism…

After six months away, leaving in a more minimalistic way with less choices available and going to small places to get only food, I felt the shock! During fleet classes or “cruising” classes we always talk about what you need on-board for safety/emergency situations. Well! With these few images I want to share with you […]

Chacala stop and more…

The wind The wind, we wait and educate ourselves. One of the joys of cruising for an “ADHD” mind is the ability of the weather condition, to give you ample time to focus on one thing and one thing only. In a previous life while Benjamin would have been updating recipe and working on social […]