Wildlife and celebration of a wild life

It just keeps on amazing us to see and discover what there is out there while roaming in the bay. This afternoon during our downwind sail, we saw the biggest splash from a whale since our memorable encounter in the PNW about 3 years ago and then dolphins came to play close by. There is somebody who is lucky onboard and got all the VIP treatment by the tourism board.

Before leaving Punta de Mita, and while the ladies went shopping; I hung out with the local coconut merchant Fernando. As soon as I told him we were coming from Canada and living on a boat; his first reaction was to point out the weed dealer… Some stereotypes are well developed and we now know how they survive, something we always wondered during our last stay!

We made our way back to La Cruz, to celebrate in style. Thanks, to my new way of remembering I didn’t need any prompting this year for the special event. Twenty one years ago on 25th of April we got married in Paris, as some of you know. La Cruz must have been advised too and put on an amazing show we will not forget in a long time. But first let’s see if we have changed, we will let you be the judge…

Barely did I hear from the back, thank you that’s how we feel too! Well that’s until we see our two children towering over us.

So, what was going on in La Cruz? It’s the celebration of the city Patron, Jesus came to give us his blessing for the next 21 one years. The “Beatles” came to sing us a song, the big band was out, the horses, the firework etc…….. You know how that goes now!



This is Emma’s dream, being a mermaid for the day!

That’s what I call a tether…

No parade is complete without the queen, one of the contestants in the green.

And following right behind is the 1965 pageant in honor of Valerie’s birth year! No detail goes unnoticed by the organizer.

No worries, there is a video coming up soon…

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  1. Dean & Lynn S/V Solastra says:

    Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary!!! Like a fine wine you have grown much better with age!!!

  2. Thanks Lynn and Dean, for the advanced congratulations. We still have 4 years to go before 25th LOL

  3. Debbie Nathan says:

    Congratulations you two, what a remarkable achievement in today’s society. It just shows the strength of love and respect you have for each other. Sending late hugs.

  4. Actually, it’s the drug I am on. Make me nearly pleasant to be with…

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