Video update

We have promised some videos upload for you few weeks now, for those of you who may wonder why? It makes for a better upload once on land, in other words we need to find an “internet cafe” of some sort. On another side note, here is our disclaimer: We are not responsible for any ideas that germinate from such display of silliness.

For my nephews, I would encourage you to try the firework display in the courtyard but only when your mother is not around for 72 hours. If you need help I can provide tips on setup, but please don’t tell anybody I did or they would blame me! For anybody else, you have to come to México to enjoy such craziness.

We have never trained for such a fast ride, the trick is put somebody with a strong arm in the back; get an oar extended, one hand on the transom locking it, and the other one trying to direct the flow of water over it….here you go a perfect tiller!