Scandal in La Cruz

The first fireworks crackled at 6.30am, signaling the beginning of the celebration while leaving plenty of time for those pious moments. People try to work a little and rest during the day, at 9pm the program starts again until 2am. The festival will last for 9 days straight, with no break in the intensity. The ladies dress their best and when we say best, we mean “Attention gentlemen I am here”. Guys roam in pack except if in a relationship when they are to behave alongside their dulce. Copious amounts of beer are consumed, large police and military present and keep the calm in the crowd, and more music is played than your brain can process. This is the program of every fiesta we have been attending so far.

Last night was, the crowning of the queen for 2013. Family friends were cheering the atmosphere was amazing, children running on stage very “bon enfant” as always. And this is when the scandal erupt. There were in total 4 candidates, everyone of them had to answer a set of 3 questions and each time wearing beautiful gowns, then it was crowning time! And the only one who didn’t get any support from the locals, who was not from the village, who didn’t seem to have too much of a brain but according to Laurent she had the prettiest “derriere” won! Shame… That didn’t sit too well in the crowd and the wistle started, people left, a disgrace on the jury’s side and the organizers. We are ready to bet that a new law will be put in place for next year’s event, from now on you will have to be from La cruz to be elected.

On a side note: If you ever are accosted in mexico and asked for fund for a Reina contest, it is to help contribute for all the dresses and accessories needed, it is a pretty big deal for those young ladies.


We had heard about it and still had to see it for our own eyes! We can check it from the list.

Finally Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to introduce you to EL TORO, he runs around in the crowd with fireworks that fly from his back directly toward you. I am telling you the survival of the foetus and Darwin’s theory take a complete new meaning around here. You’ve been warned.