No internet

We are in a part of the coast that doesn’t have much internet network developed yet, indeed Mr Slim has one internet line for the entire village and with the influx of visitors due to the national Easter holiday, we are down to a crawl. We are barely able to read our e-mails and cannot view any website or post updates. Who says life is easy. We have been bumming in the Chamela bay area enjoying the island along with some great company and a Panga tow once again! Needless to say Emma and Benjamin get a good kick out of that every time we leave on our own… Would this be a new pattern developping? At this point we are just waiting for the winds to be favorable in order to get back to Banderas Bay and enjoy Emma girlfriend’s arrival. Once there, on our top priority list is: Organizing Benjamin provincial exam, he has finished his Science and Phys Ed, now on to English! Of course we have had some adventures but we will keep those for future posts with images once we have the ability. For now we are off to a beautiful sunset while tucked away between two islands, then it is back to our regular programming, swimming, reading eating and relaxing! Tonight on the menu is an Emma and Benjamin’s special from their childhood: Macaroni and Cheese!