News from the Painting Booth and Further Away…

03rd April

Mickey Mouse ears for Emma’s costume, maybe?

Not wanting to have a list of repairs longer than our arm, we truly believe in preventive and immediate measures. On our sail up to Chamela today, I could see some light rust forming on the grills of our outdoor speakers, not a problem! Let’s improvise with fishing line and here we have it, a painting booth. The beauty of our setting made for a quick dry and perfect finish, you just need 10 knots of wind and 30 C degrees. Being that it was the start of the month, we also worked all the valves in the last two days; don’t forget the sail drive ones. The gasket from the hatches needed some silicone application so they don’t dry up, and all exposed locks got a little of Permafluid to avoid seizing. The boat is pampered; we can now have some fun.

We returned to Paraiso, enjoying a water temperature where you don’t feel like getting out. The reef is growing back from the damage of the 2003 hurricane making for great snorkeling. It was perhaps luck, but we met once again a Mexican cruising boat (letting us improve on our Spanish that bit more). It’s getting easier to have a good conversation about everything and nothing, and we feel like we are getting somewhere on that front. We learnt once again, so much more about the Mexican culture, Thank You for having us onboard. We felt bad when one of the adults was not coming up to share the good times had, but we got reminded that on certain boat’s the standard of having a professional employee to make the stay of the family more fun and enjoyable is common. Another idea we hadn’t thought off yet…

We came to realize, how lucky we are to be on a Catamaran when the swell comes in the anchorage. The ladies were getting green behind the gills at the end of the evening and Letitgo was a great refuge from the swell. Still, once it turned a little and was now coming right into the anchorage we had to depart in the morning from paradise. We closed reach to Perula in no time, enjoying a beautiful sail in the process. As I write this Valerie is making two kinds of bread, and maybe a yogurt cake. We should consider an employee set up, we have so much to learn from local culture.


We had been admiring the surf from far away the entire day and for good reason, the power of the waves could be heard from a mile away. Our neighbour’s dingy braved it with a rather wet landing and launch; instead we remained on Letitgo and enjoyed a nice day of school and swimming. Late afternoon, and the beautiful Beneteau 49 whom we enjoyed company showed up next to us, in no time a potluck was organized. 5 children and 4 adults, making for a great evening full of giggles. Three 14 year olds with our two inside and the adults were enjoying the finesse in the cockpit. At 1am we were woken up by screams, a few seconds later we realize that a boat at dragged (no wind, just swell) and was bumping into another one! We observed and the boat left just like it came, in the middle of the night, no lights nothing. We hope no damage was done… One aspect we hadn’t thought off is that some of the cruising boats have no powered windlass, so every foot of chain counts. This mean that they put the minimum out, i.e: 3 times the depth and they hope for the best. I guess this is one more thing to consider when picking a spot in the middle of a fleet…

Next day we had a list of provisions we needed, the surf had abated and with patience we made a successful landing. With the shopping done we observed and launched, my delusional self may have thought that our 2 HP was going to propel us like a panga toward the rather LARGE wave, we made it past due to Valerie’s quick reflex, but the beast stopped working. We retreated and lucky for us a panga took petty and gave us a tow through the white water. We don’t know about you, but when the children don’t come we always get in trouble and we love it, it sure makes for fun conversations around lunch!

Thanks you Dear Mexican Fishermen, you once again saved our “bacon” but not the paper towels. We are happy to have purchased some fish at the co-op this morning and left a good tip for prepping it.

Now they’re just showing off by bringing us in backwards…

the power of the waves at sunset

06th April

The joys of rising early: you can admire the fishermen casting their nets for bait. Life is coming back to normal after 2 weeks of distraction, from the Holy Week, Easter and School Holidays. You make more money taking tourist around the island than fishing apparently! While I was admiring the show, I couldn’t resist a good wipe of the boat, when the dew is heavy nothing beats it for a free clean-up with fresh water.

For the rest of the day, we grabbed the box we had buried under Emma’s bunk and got the board games out for a day of just nothing.