Listen to mother or you are in trouble.

Valerie wanted to get back to “civilization”, by this she meant a beach with more than four plastic chairs and a table where food is served and some people around to have an interaction with. Having said that she also is dying to set Benjamin up for his provincial exams; I am not sure if the excitement is mutual on that subject! We were ready to rock and roll by 10am, after studying our weather pattern for this next 100Nm back to Banderas Bay. The wind was predicted from the west at 10 knots an agreeable direction for our destination, and it was anticipated that it would die for the night but that didn’t matter! While we planned our short expedition we had mentioned that we were not in any rush and were determined to use the sails unless the seas made it uncomfortable. If you’ve been following our blog for more than one post, you know what happens by now, we got told.

Close reach at its best

The wind came from the NNW at 18 knots for the entire trip. We were able at first to pinch it (25-30 degrees PT for the expert, not the picture above) and make ok speed, who says multihull can’t point?… couldn’t resist! Sadly due to the coast shape’s change and running from it at only 0.5 miles this was not our idea of fun for the night… The rocks look awfully close! So at that point, we now had to run not one but two engines for a good part of this trip, if we wanted to make more than 1.8 knot over ground. This has never happened in all our time we owned Letitgo, it was a bash all night! So as usual, my mantra was right “you don’t decide where you sail; the weather does it for you”. Mother Nature still holds the rules in her hand…

We were full of good intentions, sorry Mother Nature for burning more fossil fuels in the last 24 hours than in the last two months. Next time we will listen more carefully and take note, but the prospect of being “stuck” in Chamela for another week by strong Northerly was not appealing and we paid the price.

The good side of the coin was that we had more energy that we could handle and the computers were running non-stop. Ocean 11/12/13 have no more secrets for me, I am up-to-date in my quality movie culture.


We anchored back in La Cruz, 24 hours after our departure. Life will resume its course, internet, all amenities and Tacos stand with Birria my favorite, so who is up for dinner, and our favourite cafe hangout for internet, and books exchange!