Letitgo is getting ready for her visitors.

We rested for a day and we are now back into the prep mode. Emma’s girlfriends will be arriving in ten days and we want to spare them this part of our life. Fortunately, La Cruz makes it easy, we have access to all the local buses which go directly to all the stores we need to.

But first thing first, we transferred and filtered 100 liters of diesel; again we observed sediment and algae at the end. If anybody has doubt that this is a must step, next time we cross path just ask to see my diesel jar. With that said/done we still need to make two trips to the local PEMEX (the gasoline store), add another one for the propane refill, and lastly the bank and supermarket, not overly exciting is it? Nonetheless it has to be done if we want to enjoy peacefully life at anchorage, anyway this is what is on our To Do list for the next 5 days…

In the afternoon, a little check up of our batteries was needed, indeed they were not where I like them to be on the voltage front! After revising my knowledge of the onboard system, I reprogrammed the solar panel controller and increased a little the acceptance voltage. This is our lifeline, if we loose those batteries we are in rather big trouble and a big hole in the wallet. Our Xantrex monitor still showed that we were low battery when we neared 12.7 volt (12.8 volt is full 12.2 volt half)! So for those of you with unlimited internet who want to see if it comes up somewhere for the MS2000 inverter charger, we would love to hear your feedback on that matter.

Emma had been asking for a gnocchi night for quite some time now and took upon herself to make some from scratch for our dinner. They were simply perfect and delicious! Does it seem like Letitgo is turning into a finishing school or school of life? We have time in our hands to share family traditions, little secret recipes and our somewhat *wise* knowledge. Emma will be ready to fly on her own, once she finishes reading “Men are from Mars and women from Venus“. Victoria’s scene has better be ready for Mademoiselle Devin!

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  1. Hi Laurent,

    One thought. The MS2000 has a terrible idle draw if the inverter is left on. This could keep it from charging as quickly as you might assume. Also if you have a battery monitor but have loads connected outside the monitor (found a couple on my boat – hmmm) then what the monitor thinks things should be – aren’t. True test of battery if not sealed is to take all loads/charge off for a few hours (while ashore), then check voltage and specific gravity (if not sealed).

    BTW – Love your blog.

    – Paul

  2. One further thought. If you are looking at the Xantrex monitor about how many amp hours you are down – this will slowly get out of whack over time if you are not ever getting a full charge so it can reset itself (like when you are on the hook an extended period). So the AH down is not to be trusted unless you can bring the batteries to a full charge with your Honda meeting the criteria for it to recalibrate itself (see the manual). Thus the battery voltage (after rest) and sg are more accurate indicators until the Xantrex is reset (usually when in a marina hooked to shore power).

  3. We are in total agreement and only switch on the inverter once the battery are on float and we have enough solar power coming in, Luxury of Mexico.

    What we have is the panel of the MS2000 tell us we are on low voltage at 12.7 when we are configure for 12.2 strange

  4. Ahhhh didn’t understand. So the low battery light is on on the 2000 and you have it set to 12.2V in the parameters? If so, did you measure with a meter the voltage at the input to the Xantrex connecting meter to + and – at the Xantrex (not just look at your battery monitor)? Could be you have a drop in the + side to bat or the negative side to bat so the xantrex sees something different than the monitor. Could happen if you had a diode in one of the feeds or a bad connection or ???. If voltage is ok at the 2000 itself and the setting is for sure 12.2v then it can only be the Xantrex voltage threshold circuit is defective. If it is different then you need to check drop between Bat neg and Xantrex and Bat Pos and Xantrex to see where the drop is happening, then troubleshoot. Does the light go out when you fire up the gen or engine to use the charger?

  5. Yes on the parameters, the monitor see the same has we measured on the + or – at the Xantrex lead and go back to normal once the solar bring a bit of Amp in.

    Could it be that the Xantrex feel a draw and use that as measurement, strange behiavor

  6. Ok, Laurent You have me baffled and am realizing the shortcomings of email. Let me summarize what I think I understand. With the low voltage light on, you put a meter between the plus and minus at the back of the 2000 and it says 12.7, yet you have verified you have programmed 12.2. If your display is bad, a 7 might look like a 2 so up it a notch. Do you get 8 then 9 or 3 then 4. Ok so that probably isn’t the problem. If you put a load on the inverter of a few amps, what happens to the voltage? At the bat mon? At the back of the 2000. If it drops at the back of the 2000, it could be that you have a “smart” unit that temporarily loads the 12v and if the voltage drops, it says “foul” low voltage. If you see at the back of the 2000 that it only drops to 12.6 or so then you pass the load test and I am out of ideas. If it isn’t the display or the battery, it has to be an internal 2000 thing so don’t worry (except to get it fixed some day). If I understood your response correctly, if you add some charging amps from solar, the low voltage goes out??? If so can you turn solar on and off? What happens to the voltage at the back of the 2000 when off and low volt is on – then solar on with the low volt off? Since volt at battery is king, you can play around with load and charge to see what voltage at the back of the 2000 turns on the light. If 2000 is defective then you will have “calibrated” what it thinks it sees in the parameters and the real world. Key is to measure at the 2000 + -, not at the battery. Out of ideas. Envious of you being there. We are about to launch in the Carib. Currently in stealth mode due to not having resigned. More later. Take a look at svbluesky.com. Our new home. We are going to learn the hard way. Bang we are there without the boat prepped. Stay in touch.

  7. We know everything about been in stealth mode LOL, your plan is the best get to know the boat then refit.

    As for the MS 2000 they are telling me that 12.2 volt mean that the low voltage alarm come on at 12.7 a .5 volt difference. I am not sold on that one.

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