How do we stay “fit” and the propane run in La Cruz

A good friend of ours asked how we stay fit on a boat, although some of us still need to work on the getting to the fit stage, I hear you! Here is how we do it: Sell your car and start walking around for everything. This also will be a guide for “Auvergnat” or “Scottish” cruiser on how to get the best deal from the La Cruz anchorage on propane and Fuel.

Benjamin: Doesn’t he look ecstatic to be going to Pemex?

During the late afternoon, when the sun was relaxing its ray or after the siesta, we made the first run to the local Gas Station. They have just opened a new one in town that sells diesel and regular. From the small beach in the marina, you can get out from behind the restaurant, turn left at the second street and in 15 minutes and bingo, there it is! The difference was 2.5 pesos a liter for 30 minutes work, $ 15 saved for 45 minutes work out not bad.

Next morning, the mission was propane. It was Emma’s turn and to get out of bed at 8.30am, there was only one way to do this; promising a carrot cake piece on the road from last night dinner. The way to go is grab the bus on the main road, take the San Vicente/San Jose mini bus (not the PT Vallarta) it will turn in Mezcales toward the valley. You ask to get out at SoniGas or Km 2.1 Carr. Mezcales San vicente cost 12 Pesos. The taxi wanted 300 pesos and they wondered why they stay seated on the curb all day long.

Don’t even try to get a crumb from that plate.

This is the road leading to Sonigas.

The door: where you stand and give your tank.

Reward: bonding time, father and daughter, before it gets too hot.

Just like the Visa advertisement says: Priceless

On the financial side, for 2 hours of work we saved $ 18 on 3 bottles. Total saved $48, at my going rate at this stage of my career I will make a fortune. Don’t worry ladies (read Emma’s friends), we can recreate some of those events during your visit if you wish to live the real cruising life.

Finally once a week, aerobic or aqua-gym session: 1 hour per hull of scrubbing and treading water.

For our cruiser friends on Prep mode note: The new fibreglass propane bottle has one issue, the space is too small for some Mexican refill apparatus, nothing than a bit of effort with a blade doesn’t fix. If you have question just ask.

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  1. Our two propane bottles are the “17 lb” fibreglass ones. What’s the issue & solution?

  2. Là je reconnais bien mon fils, l’héritage mâle de la famille ……….. Tout y est.

  3. Et oui il faut bien que l’on survive par un moyen ou un autre.

  4. The issue with the 10lbs are that the gap between the plastic in front of the valve is to narrow.

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