Scandal in La Cruz

The first fireworks crackled at 6.30am, signaling the beginning of the celebration while leaving plenty of time for those pious moments. People try to work a little and rest during the day, at 9pm the program starts again until 2am. The festival will last for 9 days straight, with no break in the intensity. The […]

Tres Marietas

After a restful night anchored on the west side of the large island, we made it to the white sandy beach. Valerie who is feeling under the weather stayed on the boat, whatever we had last week is making the turn of the family. Best of all, we had the place to ourselves and the […]

Quimixto’s waterfall

The time to get out of the boat is 9.00am if you want to escape the hordes and have a bit of time up at the Falls alone. Here is how to get there: Take the main street, once at the river cross it and take the path that has been raked and cleaned up […]

La Cruz to Quimixto

We had Sayulita in our mind, but fatigue made us change our plans. With that said, the wind carried us toward Quimixto on flat seas, a treat for our young visitor. We had to get on alert for a potential threat, not an attack from the pirate ship from below, instead a life jacket that […]

Welcome aboard Lexi!

It was our first airport run of the season today, and without incident we picked up Lexi. And on a very different side note for our cruiser friends out there, we even had time to take care of our important paperwork at the same time… Indeed, we were on the roll and in no time […]

(no subject)

Just a quick message for Lexi parent’s. We are all good though completely out of range for blog post, because we are visited small bays without internet. Of course it is too bad, because Lexi so far has witnessed her first coq (rooster) fight, has had an iguana placed on her head, and this morning […]