We are going north again.

After four enjoyable days in Manzanillo, we were itching to move again and be back at sea. Our twice daily dinghy drop off at the ladder was entertaining to the fishermen and we were even able to retain a perfect score, as a matter of fact we can proudly say that none of us fell nor dropped anything in the water! So in the morning we pulled the anchor and made our way back north to Melaque. In fact, Manzanillo is our most Southern point of voyage for this year, as we want to still travel thru the South of Mexico for next season. Another reason for being back in Melaque is St Patrick days, the city is in full effervence for this celebration, there is music in the air and we would not miss a Mexican party for anything in the world! But why St Patrick in Mexico I thought it was Irish… Well San Patricio is the patron saint of Melaque unlike almost every other town where it’s the Virgin of Guadalupe.

As per the photo below, you can see that the weather has also decided to cooperate and mimic Ireland’s best! During our short “sail” the wind couldn’t have been more on our nose, so for once we had to make due. On our arrival, as we were getting organize to rince Letitgo our first major rain fall since San Diego fell upon us… In truth we wanted to clean the charcoal dust from the electricity generating plant in Manzanillo, thankfully we are always in swimsuit so that was not a problem, the water was warm the boat clean, the rigging got a good rince, time for a dip in the sea!

I’m singing in the rain, just singing in the rain…