Relaxing in Tenacatita

After the excitement of the last couple of days, we are all enjoying a relaxing time in Tenacatita. The atmosphere is a lot different from the last time we were here; indeed there is only a hand full of boat no organized social events or sport events. Finally the surf did let us go onshore today for a long walk, but as soon as the tide went out, the roll started again so we are staying put.

Except all this; Emma is preparing her resume, Benjamin is tackling a new course and studying English (his favorite), Valerie is attempting to sew some new cushions but is having problem with the walking or the dog foot of the machine (to be continued), and Laurent is overseeing the operation “resting from his injury”…

Aperitif view from my Bin bag.

Emma found this joke so appropriate for our location.

Not our conviction… nonetheless quite funny!

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  1. Yes, it is about time you guys finally relaxed… 😉

  2. Not that easy David it take lots of practice.

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