Melaque food city

The everyday life-feel, the amazing food offering and the active square in the evening; make Melaque one of our favorite stop so far. Yet the influct of gringo is sizable and well mixed, here we’ve heard more quebecois in the last 4 days than in the last four years, so much so that we wonder if there are still some left back home! Melaque has no big hotel and major developpement to offer rather a serie of family run hotel. And so far, we have improved our surf landing on the dinghy, making a few perfect ones in strong condition, but let’s not brag too much about it…

We are truly enjoying the street food, we found the best tamales and discovered “atole” at a stand by the church. Maria make the best ones we ever had, moist fluffy and tasty, a must for education purposes, top that with Churros freshly made and your night is just overwhelming. Oh! I nearly forgot the flan, oh… the flan two nights in a row just for good measure. We now need to walk the beach after all those excess. Today was market and fresh produce day in town, perfect we are set and have our fridge well stocked.


The art of billard, I can see the shark ready to play.

Tamales galore, 10 pesos each two you are full.

Well we keep some space for churros,

Yes we are still out and it is 8.30 pm! Look at how wild we are…

This is the best mint ever if only we could find them in Canada.

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  1. Tolly Roger says:

    We just missed you ! We came home last Thursday from 12 days in Melaque. We’ve been many times. Love it.
    Stayed at Las Brisas. If you want Quebec French go to the trailer / RV park at the North end of the beach!
    If you want to “splurge” try Mya’s Tapas Bar and talk to the owner (Peg) Have Fun!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, we hope you enjoyed the weather.

  3. Dean S/V Solastra says:

    Glad you are giving all these wonderful hints on where to go! We sooooo look forward to being there. By the way, where did you get that mint and did you stock up??? We are expecting up to 25cm of snow this weekend!!! Won’t it ever stop!!! Oh, I’m back at work for a month. They called!!! Oh well, just a little more for the cruising kitty!!! talk soon!

  4. Dean, the mint is from a fancy tacos stand no need to stock up they sell it everywhere here. No comment on work and snow to hard to talk about this sort of thing.

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