Life of little pleasures…

Since we have been “prepping”, our cruising friends always made a point in sending us e-mails about the French Baker in Barra Navidad. Well! finally we are enjoying “les douceurs” d’Aymeric which is quite a hard labor! Around 9am every morning you can hear his bell ringing and the call “c’est le boulanger!”, quite the service: delivered to your door step, like at home in the old days. Today was maybe the first time in my life I have been adressed as “Monsieur”. Aymeric is a Hotel and Catering school fellow from Nice; restaurateurs from France, you find them everywhere!

This was our Saturday breakfast, and on Sunday we added “pain au chocolat”, while Friday was a sample of everything…

French at heart!

Letitgo’s to Do-List

And before we start with the unexpected fun of the day, let us point out to people who think that we are just out there having fun… Here is the list of all our special projects which are feasible when we have ample water or electricity suplies: the washing machine and us are working non stop while we are at the dock, no joke, let’s not perpetuate the myth that cruising is a long vacation, please! Oh okay, may be a little… Add to that, unlimited internet for Benjamin’s schooling and you can see a busy schedule developping… No, still not convinced? More realisticaly one of the greatest advantage is that we don’t have to drive everywhere and the weather is still sunny.

Last night we treated ourselves for a short panga excursion to Barra Navidad, and daily life in Mexico. We decided to go for a tour around the village and see what sort of trouble we could get in… Upon arrival we were attracted by the music flowing, we followed the trail of music : there is a pattern developping here, it seems like a party is incomplete if there isn’t a full band and a dozen horses. After admiring the scene, we started asking around what the occasion was, and understood that some bulls were involved which was re-inforced by just looking and feeling all the testosterones around! We were not desapointed, what a great show; a full fledge rodeo was on the program. We certainly had our fill of stimulations, between observing the society behaving, the music and all the interaction around, to the audience’s game based on alcool consumption, the dancing all around and the raging bulls separated from you by just a small enclosure man handled. Truly something our society has asepsised, needless to add we all had a blast!

We learned from previous time that testosterone, and alcohol are not the best mix so we escaped before the end; by midnight we jumped in a panga back home and were in bed our heads full of sounds, site and images.

Dancing all night long

The line up Rodeo style.

Of course you need a man dressed as a woman for good measure in any country.