Las Hadas Resort

It was time for a more urban setting we needed to access a supermarket for food, so we decided to move closer to town. As we approached Baja de Manzanillo it brought us remiscence of English Bay with the tankers anchored in the bay. We felt like at home, as were making a run for Las Hadas. The resort looks great from far with its Greek/Azetc inspiration, saddly on a second inspection not so much, plus the welcome was less than friendly. The place looks like ghost town with staff everywhere looking bored, thank goodness we are not involved in managing such a place… Although the sense of grandiose and self importance is still up and running in the marina, as they are daring to ask for 200 pesos for just a dinghy dock during the day! Nice try… Everybody knows my answer on that one.

Nonetheless, we met a great Brazilian family who whistled us over, rather rare in our so polite world nowadays but it works! We had watched them in the morning using a rather unusual raft from shore… As soon as we started talking to them we knew we would like them. Indeed they could teach us all a lesson in simplicity, we have the raw model for you. Next time we all complain about our dinghy, with its small engine on the surf… We will remember that they just use an inflatable one to row asshore, they don’t even have a autopilot nor a chart plotter, but they still cruise with a smile, they look happier than most. We haven’t seen such positive energy and attitude in ages. What a pleasure meeting them all, needless to say it was very refreshing to share a moment with people overflowing with a great vibe and being full of life, something we all forgot in our society.


Meet our tenants “the barnacles”

Today the reef got an eviction notice from under Letitgo, the hookah system (diving one) got some run time. It was a great training excercice for all and good for our core muscles. This picture shows the extend of the colony, after half had dropped naturally. Now let’s all make a promise to sponge the bottom once we week so we can avoid the small growth that enables their formation. We will let you know how successful we are!

You would think we are in Greece!

Las Hadas resort.

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  1. That town looks awesome from the water. Almost like the photo was taken in the Med or something.

  2. Absolutely that may be why they try to charge Med price thinking of it.

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