Back with the peacefulness of nature

Surprisingly we didn’t enjoy Melaque as much this time around; it was quite rolly and left us sleepless… Add to that a different vibe when we landed the dinghy and the visit from a local cruiser “militia” informing us that for safety reason we should monitor channel 22… Those different factors combined led us to a family meeting the next morning for those willing to rise: Majority approved; we are moving!

Destination? Ensenada de Carizel.

This is what the doctor prescribed to our tired souls and fairly happily we succumbed… Quietness and simply nature was much needed after the smorgasbord of facility we had last week. We had a nice 20 mile sail which brought us to a cove where nothing disturbs you from nature and where the water is a beautiful clear blue. Our eyes quickly adapted to watching the shows of rays jumping out of the water enabling a smooth wake up, to tiny birds chirping away landing on the lifelines, to the last ray of sun caressing the foliage on the hill. The cherry on top the cake was the internet stick didn’t work which made us to do nothing else but relax, read, swim and study for our onboard student… The hulls needed a little scrub, but only one got done due to my lack of energy (read: Laurent was really under the weather…) and you know what? That’s okay, this can be done tomorrow! Almost unbelievable and hard to admit for the type A that I am, a first as Valerie attest. Then again the rest of the family seems to have enjoyed the peace around Letitgo.

So we will leave you with Nature at its best during our last two days….


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  1. Oh I’m so glad you guys liked our favourite anchorage on the mainand – that is such a lovely spot…

  2. We raised a glass in our honor after seeing the comment in the guide LOL.

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