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Thank you to who ever got me the idea to create a set of filters for our water system, because even if we were in a luxurious surrounding we never forget our location Mexico. Have a look at the sediment filter, one week of hardwork and it’s brown from white. We place those in line with our intake of the pressurized water sytem, and we also filter our tank inflow. For those wondering, the second one (black filter) is a charcoal filter that removes the high amount of chlorine they dump in to the water in order to make it potable. In conjounstion with the drinking water filter at the sink, we never have a bad glass so far.

As you may recall from our previous post, we were supposed to go to the lagoon of Barra Navidad, thus nature decided otherwise. Indeed low tide greeted us out of the marina, giving the place a gloomy feel, and not much room to navigate… Add to this equation a mosquito attack from the night before, yep, we were not ready to anchor in the estuary just for fun. Instead we did a 180degree and motor right back to Melaque. What can we say the promise of a decadent Churros goes a long way! With that said, in the afternoon, once school was finished we taught Benjamin about life! With the help of a support material: a boardgame, some of his tactic were not the best and on to top it up he lost… a situation he doesn’t like to be in, un mauvais perdant? This was one of the lesson.

It’s only a game; it’s only a game he says.

The Letitgo Family in Melaque

Where do you find us? Easy we are just around the square enjoying the atmosphere, the grand-parents sitting on a bench chatting away while the children run around. Tamales chez Maria was in order and desserts? Churros. Not even any room left for the delicious flan, we were all full! By then it was time to go home but not before we had re-stocked in fresh vegetables and dairy products.

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  1. Dean S/V Solastra says:

    Hi guys!!! We have not stopped looking at your blog! Just been a bit busy. I’ve been drawn back to the work force for this month and was really sick last month. On the mend now and feeling better soooo, will send more messages later! I love to read your thoughts of the amazing adventure you are having!!! Keep up the good work and have a sundowner for us!

  2. Oh churros in Melaque, we miss them already ! Please enjoy them and have one for us.

  3. We did Alison, and even anchored right in front this time of the tree house.

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