A love affair with our Mariner

The tide was high, the wind calm, the surf low, the sun was not high yet and… we were awake, PERFECT! Perfect for what? Perfect time for another expedition to visit the estuary and the mangroves, the kids decided to stay behind this time, too bad… It will be a date then! We motored for […]

Clean up the beach.

We relaxed today for you, indeed just for you, just to give you more time to watch that special sewing video. Nothing major was achieved but total relaxation and the clean up of a small beach, plus two breads, and two cushions from Valerie. Please come and join us on our day. Benjamin trying to […]

Walking foot height…

Monday, we take care of the house and are starting to develop a preventive maintenance routine for our new dwelling. Sunday is overnight vinegar in the toilet followed by an oil bath for smoothness. First day of the week, we sponge the hull/sail drive and prop to eliminate the film of growth, next is water […]

Relaxing in Tenacatita

After the excitement of the last couple of days, we are all enjoying a relaxing time in Tenacatita. The atmosphere is a lot different from the last time we were here; indeed there is only a hand full of boat no organized social events or sport events. Finally the surf did let us go onshore […]

Reward program at its best…

We are starting to realize we have been here for a while, and the signs are showing: For one Valerie recognizes the cowboys in town (no comment…), Felix (the local beach boy) laughs at me for working on cleaning the boat hulls and comes to greet us every time we land the dinghy, Maria (our […]