When they don’t answer our e-mail, we just show up.

Monday was a holiday; and unfortunately for Benjamin the Mummy school schedule didn’t recognize it. So while we educated the next generation on Nuclear physics, the day was devoted towards domestic tasks for others, making water, replacing UV damage zap strap (white one) and cleaning of some rust stain. Not all glamour, but it’s our house and we need to maintain it to high standard. Cap with a swim, the day could be qualified as serein.

We had made the decision to give the second dentist another visit, as our e-mails were bouncing and no appointment could be made. Starting to understand how life works around here, we hopped in a bus early to Puerto Vallarta and just showed up. After a long week-end the office was busy, but who could refuse the charm of Valerie. Quickly, a full panoramic X-ray was taken followed by imprint, appointment made for tomorrow and the rest will follow. Let’s cross our fingers by the end of the week all goes well, and then we can all get back to our cruising rhythm, hence escape the bay!

There were no iguanas to be seen in that part of town, but as we were getting out we heard music again, and we had notice an unusual number of cowboys in town, outfitted in their traditional costume and riding horse. This means more than one, on a photo at the ticket selling booth. Indeed sorry to disappoint you, the reality is: they don’t wear sombrero to go to work for a few years now. Again we followed the music, and discovered a procession composed of all those colorful character. No details were left to desire, the dress were check for proper placement, the horse had polish nails and the boys were a little more discreet on the beer drinking front.

We followed this spectacular display of tradition once again, by a walk in the old town.

Yes Grand-Parents, Benjamin was able to walk on a suppended bridge even after all the non sense experience in India.

And apparently, this could have been a highway by comparaison.

Last week reco mission, enabled us to enjoy a great fish and shrimp tacos stand for lunch. But no before we purchased cold and sinus medecine, the proof that a cold can be have in hot climat. Everybody around here is sniffing and sneezing, we truly belong.

To be a true cruiser family means we don’t walk in front of a supermarket without fulfilling our to buy list, and we go home looking like bag ladies filled to the brim. We will let you admire some of the displays, fishes standing on the ice! Cupcakes with amazing color and donut that not even Tim Horton would dream of making. Only for you “why is my coffee cold?” only three people can understand that one..

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  1. Thanx for an other wonderful posting.
    Even with our mid-winter cold and darkness, your blog makes me get-up early…to see if there is a New One.
    And amazing, most days there is.
    Good luck with and at the dentist…there will be a moment you’ll walk out of that door!
    Have A Nice Day,

  2. Thanks J, just back on the boat all seem good with the dentist 3 hours in the chair…..

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