Saturday in La Cruz….

Aah the beautiful years of adolescence, the sweet soft transitioning! Not so easy, and now picture this: You are being paraded along the village street with a rather loud band in tow as you have just received the blessing from the priest, great! No it is not Sweet Sixteen here, in Mexico it is fifteen, and after the wedding it is the second biggest party for a young lady. Today we witnessed an elaborated version of this event. The happy music attracted us to the church surrounding, it was played so you could hear it a few blocks away. The procession took a few minutes to get going, at first we thought a wedding? And soon we realized that somebody was elevated to the adulthood world today.

The parents were all smiles and very proud but the “princess” was rather embarassed to be in this position in front of the entire village. She would have prefered to be partying with her girlfriends in Puetro Vallarta disco, but tradition was not going to be left behind by Daddy. The ensuing party took a full block with a couple of hundred guests, we hesitated but our attire would have given us away. The setup was elaborated with stage live music and light show, somebody was ready to put on the party of a lifetime.

For our friends on the East coast, no worry in about five months you will have the same at home.

You didn’t think we were going to forget our yearly tradition of the February teasing photo, did you?

Workman compensation rules, what rules? For you, the safest roofer.